New Swimmer Tryouts and Meeting Tonight

    Good morning!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that new swimmer tryouts are scheduled again tonight from 4-5 PM at the Oak Ridge Civic Center. There seemed to be a lot of confusion about whether these were occurring and when they were occurring so I wanted to straighten this all out and hope for a better turnout tonight. There also seemed to be a lot of confusion regarding the meeting that was supposed to occur last night, since it sounded like most people really just had no idea it was happening. There is another meeting scheduled for tonight, but it will not be the yearly pre-season parent meeting. I will take the meeting time tonight (Following new swimmer tryouts at 5) to be at the civic center to discuss any questions that anyone may have on a personal case to case basis. By no means is this mandatory or necessary, but I wanted to offer my services to any families who may have any questions or concerns they would like to address prior to the team parent meeting. Please, if you have any hesitation in your child's ability to swim an unassisted 50 yards in the pool, then I really urge you to come so we can take a look together, even if you are a returning swimmer. We will be a lot stricter in who we admit to the team this year since last year, once practices started, we had to almost dedicate an entire coach to the few kids who simply were not ready, which I feel really took away from the assistance we could offer the other swimmers. ORCA does not serve the same purpose as swim lessons do, but is a laid back atmosphere that will allow kids to get an understanding of what semi-competitive swimming is as a team sport. We are not teaching kids how to swim on a basic level, but instead we are modifying the little bit that they do know in an effort to refine and teach all of the four strokes to then be used in a competitive setting.

    Thank you all, and please help us spread the word about ORCA! The more kids we have, the more fun we can make this summer!


    Head Coach Grant Groscost

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