Updates and Parent Meeting

    Good evening everyone!

         I just wanted to take a moment to make a little bit of information known. Before I do so, however, I would like to give some feedback on the first week of practice. We're off to a great start I'm very happy to say! Even though the weather has been working against us since the very start, we never had to cancel a practice and are making some great progress! This group of kids seems to be catching on very quickly and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds for us! In this coming week I plan to focus on refining the freestyle even more, beginning to teach the backstroke, and working on flip turns. One issue I would like to address, however, is the lack of attention that almost every child has displayed at some point or another. I fear without addressing this, the problem likely will continue to get worse just as it did throughout last week. Please remind your children that paying attention and participation are very important to get better, and lack of doing so is taking away valuable time and effort, from me and the rest of the kids! Children that refuse to pay attention or do the sets are wasting your money and both your time and theirs. They also waste the time of the other swimmers who want to participate, do the sets, and really seek improvement. I can't force anyone do something they don't want to do, that's why I need your help to hopefully address the issue. Again, this is your time and money and hopefully no one wants to waste either. If you would like to know if I consider your particular child or children to be a part of the issue then please send me a private email or message through the texting service (No one else will ever see what you text back to my number through the text service).

         With all of that out of the way I'm happy to announce a date for the parent meeting now that we have finally settled on a place to have it. The parent meeting will be on Wednesday (6-12-19) at 4:00 at the outdoor pool where we practice. There is a storage room with plenty of space and chairs to accommodate everyone that the meeting will be held in. Unfortunately we could not have it at the civic center because the rooms there are full morning to night with childcare. Please come with your child and prepare to have them attend the meeting. There is something I'd like to say to them all at the end of the meeting that I think everyone deserves to hear (It's not a bad thing, but I hope it also helps address the attention/motivation issue). Please also come prepared to ask me any questions you may have, since I'm sure there are other people who would like to know the same things.

         Team suits will be distributed at the parent meeting, and shirt sizes will be taken. I'm not 100% sure that the shirts are not here at this moment, but as of right now I have no information about them, so we will take shirt sizes as an ordering precaution.

    Thank you very much for your time , and I apologize at the hour this email is coming out. I had several issues with the website's communication function that postponed this email from coming out at 7 like I originally planned.


    Head Coach Grant Groscost

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