Morristown swim meet info

    Good morning everyone!

    I would like to make some information known about the meet today for those who will be in attendance.

    First, we are swimming against Morristown and the address of the pool is: 311 Sulphur Springs Rd. Morristown 37814. I believe the pool is a part of a boys and girls club.

    Secondly, I think the website will now allow everyone to check and see what I entered their kids in, but if not,  then you will find out at the meet! Nothing will be a big surprise to any of the kids.

    Please come prepared with small snacks for the kids and yourselves, suits, goggles, and whatever you think your kids will personally value having.

    Our warmup is at 6:00 pm but I would like and expect everyone to try and be there by 5:45 just to get settled in prior.

    I will be bringing all of the caps to the swim meet today to distribute.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to email me back or text me with questions. If not, then I'm excited to see everyone tonight at the meet!.


    Coach Grant 

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