Final Meet Thursday June 22nd

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I apologize for the confusion and uncertainty of this final meet, there are a few things we are still trying to have sorted out but we do know the meet details. (City Meet details are still currently coming out, I will be able to share them soon for those curious.)

    Our meet this Thursday, June 22nd can be signed up for here: ORCA Final Meet

    Please try and let us know one way or another through the link whether you and your swimmer(s) can attend or not.


    Location: at Clinton (again)

    101 S. Hicks Street Clinton TN, 37716


    A large front parking lot, and a gravel lot in the back will be available. 

    Warmups/Meet Start:

    ORCA will warmup from 5:20 to 5:40, the volunteer meeting will be around 6:00 in the front entrance area, and the meet should be starting at about 6:30. (Hopefully this all goes through much smoother than last time.)


    We will be allowed to use the bleachers for short term seating, but please set up the majority of your belongings in the outdoor patio area that we were in last time.


    There will be no open concessions at this meet, please bring ample small snacks and plenty of fluids though. This pool is very hot for everyone, please think about bringing some things for yourselves too parents.


    There was a serious lack of participation for volunteering from our team at the last meet, so please try your best to volunteer at our very last meet of the season. Both teams already have shortages of workers, so at the very least we need to provide everything for only our team.

    (Side note, we still are looking for a referee to direct the meet with the proper swimming certifications. This is challenging at the end of the season but we are trying our very best. I will let everyone know if we cannot get anyone to referee this meet, because then we would not be able to run the meet at all. We should know for sure by tomorrow at the very least.)

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