End of Season Final Updates

    Good afternoon everyone!

    First of all let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart for really helping me pull through this season and for making everything as smooth and painless as possible, especially for a team of mostly all first time competitive swimmers. I think you all have a lot to be proud of, and I am very proud to have you all as my swimmers' parents. With that being said, here are some updates on how the rest of the season can go and our end of the year party.

    City Meet:

    Because of Oak Ridge's school schedule and our inability to get our Knoxville swimming association to make special exceptions for us, we don't have the numbers or the resources to go to city meet this year. I very much apologize if this was a big meet that you were looking forward to. 

    Last Week of Practice:

    We will still have practice like normal this Monday and Tuesday (7/26 - 7/27).

    I have set up a poll that you can click here: What final ORCA practices would you be able to come to?

    If you could click there to vote, it is just one question, just to give me an idea of who would still be able to come to practices Wednesday through Friday.

    These practices Monday and Tuesday will be a little more silly themed with a lot of games and fun to end up the season for most swimmers. Wednesday through Friday could be completely individual work on swimming if not many people will be there, or something more normal or fun just depending on who plans to be there.

    End of Season Party:

    Our end of the season party will be August 4th, that is the first Wednesday in August. The party will be at 6:00 P.M. at the outdoor pool and will be supplied with pizza for all swimmers and parents. I make small awards for each swimmer and we will also have one real award to give out for both boys and girls for most improved swimmer this season (If my boss didn't forget to order them, but either way there will be a most improved award).

    If anyone would like to bring any other sorts of snacks or deserts or anything you'd like that would be very much appreciated. And if there is any parent who would like to organize any of this and make it something special just email me, otherwise this will be an impromptu pool party at the outdoor pool with free pizza and awards at least!

    If you would like to pursue swimming more:

    If you have a middle or high school student that attends either Robertsville or Jefferson and have any interest in swimming closer to year-round, then please reach out to Coach Hodge.

    Here is his email and phone number, and he encourages you if you have any questions to reach out to him at any time! wchodge@ortn.edu and (731) 336 - 3015

    He really has done an excellent job with the high school team this past year, and could be the perfect next step if you'd like to keep up with competitive swimming but not to the more extreme extent that ACAC (The other team at the pool in the mornings) provides. However, if you are interested in going competitive and committing to swimming then I have the ACAC contacts as well, just ask!

    Thank you all again for the great season, I'm both excited and sad for this final week of practice. Please vote through that link just so I can plan for the end of this coming week, and I hope to see you all at practice this Monday!

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